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User Profiles
For those new to the UW Ralinwood boards, welcome! Here are the general guidelines that we would prefer that people stick to:

Name and Avatar:
Please name yourself something recognizeable (either your name or your character's name) so that other players interacting with you on the IG forums will know who you are. Likewise, we'd prefer that your avatar is either a pic of your character or something that makes sense that people will associate with you.

Character race, occupation and religion:
If you go into the User CP and go to Edit Profile, you can add this information. Only your race will be visible to other players on your profile. Occupation and religion will only be visible to Shapers. Filling this out means that if we're writing plot specific to a certain group of people that you won't accidentally be left out.

Not necessary, but having a signature with your contact info and/or a physical description of your character can be helpful to those RPing with you.

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