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General Policies

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Age Restriction

Underworld’s age restriction is 18 years of age. We expect all players to be mature enough to conduct themselves in safe manner while in an outdoor, natural environment. Often, the game is played after dark. It is important that all players understand the inherent dangers involved and do not become so carried away as to place themselves or others at risk. Chasing people through the dark woods, climbing trees, or traversing ravines, though usually harmless, can be very dangerous if people are not respectful of their environment.


Mature Content

Everyone, who wishes to play should be aware of mature content, in the form of “medieval speak”. Often, players will speak of “wenching, brawling, or battles” while in character. Sometimes, depending on the player, the expletives can be quite colourful. While Underworld does not encourage this, we do not prevent it. Underworld is a game designed by adults for adults to play.

In addition to this, people should be aware of the fact that the Underworld Larp sometimes runs plots that contain mature subject matter and challenging social issues. Though they are tastefully presented (and done so with “growth of opinion”, not shock, in mind), some people may take offense or become uncomfortable when becoming involved in such plots. We respect your right to leave the plotline if you wish to do so, and we respectfully encourage you to discuss the issue with us afterwards. Though we will not change our policy, we will happily explain what the motivation and purpose of such content was to the story, and why we felt it effectively and appropriately used.



Underworld LARP allows for a character to belong to one of several different “faiths” if they choose to do so. These faiths are entirely fictional in intent. Do not attempt to parody or mimic any real world religion.

We will be most displeased with you as you will no doubt upset many of our other players. This element has been included in the game to enhance the gameworld and to allow players to explore issues of good/evil/honour/truth/faith, etc. in an intelligent way. We expect any player who chooses to develop their character in this direction to give the subject matter of “faith” the respect it deserves. Underworld has NO religious affiliations, nor do we wish to foster ANY impression that we do. It is simply allowed in-game to enhance roleplaying. In addition to this, we wish to point out to our players that some real world faiths require for certain dress and/or formalities. Underworld is respectful of these practices and requires that all of our players are as well.


Substances and Alcohol

Illegal drugs are forbidden at game. You will be asked to leave the event immediately if you are caught using or possessing them. Our insurance does not allow for the consumption of alcohol while playing at an event. Do not bring it to the site.

There are only 2 exceptions to this rule:

1.Smoking is allowed at DESIGNATED areas.

2.Sometimes we will allow a player (19+) to bring wine for use in cooking (stews, etc.), but we only approve it when the player notifies us in advance and shows us the wine in question.


Vendor Tables

Underworld LARP is very happy to offer our players the chance to sell their product, services and wares, while at our events. We recognize that much of everything that gets sold, in one form or another, benefits the game. Because of this we’re able to offer players the privileged to sell your product and make profit as a direct result of the Underworld LARP event, for a very small vending fee. Vending fees are broken down into 24 hour periods. A 24 hour table is $10 while a full weekend table is $25. Please see the Payment policy for ways to pay. Underworld LARP reserves the right to refuse any vendor if their services or product is deemed to be harmful or detrimental to the game in anyway. Players or staff found to be making profit off services or product without a vending license will be subject to disciplinary action including the possible ejection from game. Vendor fees are not refundable. Please note this only applies to players making profit with real life currency. In-game sales for in-game money are unrestricted.