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New Player Liasions

Meet our New Player Liaisons!


Alex is our Lead NPL and semiofficial mememaker for Ralinwood. She’s always happy to answer New Player questions, be it at game or outside of it. Besides keeping up with the most recent rules changes she also has a handle on all the available lore, and for every question she can’t answer she knows a guy who can. Look for Alex or her characters wherever hilariously terrible decisions are being made.




Kaz is a wee potato that started playing Underworld in 2016. When he isn’t making new characters to bring to game, he’s waddling away from monsters or dying in bushes. He’ll be happy to help you if you can spot this month’s character.


Will A

Will is the best and you all should like him. But enough about Hyland, this is about Will A. Will started playing at UW in 2012 and has been active at aiding new players for almost as long. He is able to answer questions suitably or point you to someone who can, so don’t be afraid to bring him the questions.


Will H

Will is a beautiful soul with a beautiful face and hopefully you will discover all this readily. But enough about Apostolos, this is about Will H. Will started playing here in Ralinwood back in 2017, and has been hooked ever since. If you’re lost, confused and don’t know what to do, simply search the sky for the brilliant beacon of light produced by his shiny, bald head.



Kyle has been an active member in Underworld Ralinwood since January 2017. Since then he has done his best to assist the new player community in any way he can. He loves causing trouble wherever he wanders. If you ever have problems, questions, comments or concerns on anything, feel free to ask away!



Matty has been playing for nearly 6 years. He has lots of roleplaying experience and is fairly versed in metal and leatherworking. Feel free to approach him with questions of etiquette tips to prepare for your first and forthcoming adventures.



Justin is our longest running NPL, and former Head NPL, former Shaper, former Monster Marshal, and current friend to one of the Owners. He’s played about everything under the sun, and then some. You know how other NPLs say you know a guy who has the answers, he’s that guy. He’s played so long he was at Ralinwood’s first day mod! He has some stories about that.