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Looking to purchase chain armour.
Greetings Ralinwood, 

I have returned to town for the foreseeable future, and am interested in purchasing some armour in the form of a chain byrnie and a plate vambrace, and a weapon in the form of a dagger. 

Preferably these will be of Artifice quality, but I would be willing to purchase enchantment quality equipment if that is all that is available. 

I can be found around town, feel free to send a messenger or approach me to discuss the armour and payment. 

- Sage Jabba of the Temple of Doranth. 

((OOG: Looking for 33 points chain, 4 points plate and a dagger, legendary quality preferred, masterwork acceptable, reply on this forum or message me on discord to discuss.))
A human of average height and above average weight, wears a lot of blue and whenever possible a Mark of the Firstborn. 

((OOG: Jeremy Meyers, discord Jabba / Like2playnintendo#5626))

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