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Items for Sale
Greetings Citizens of Ralinwood,

During my travels in the Empire of Berphaunt and a few trips to your town I have acquired items that would be better suited in the hands of other people.  As this is the case I have the following items for sale.

A nice silver ring  -  4 silver

An Ornate Goblet  -  3 silver   Sold

Fine Sidhe Wine  -  6 silver

A small scroll crafter kit with case  -  8 silver

A naturally black Mastercrafted dagger  -  4 gold

Leather boots, greaves, tasset, cod piece, and chest and back piece  (16 points)  -  2 gold

Studded Leather boots, bracers, and vest (20 points)  -  2.5 gold 

Chainmail shirt, bracer, and coif (36 points)  -  4 gold

6 Catalysts:  1 Discord, 3 Destruction, 1 Conjuration, and 1 Creation  -  10 gold    Sold

Trapsmithing materials:  18 units  -  2.5 gold

Scroll making materials:  20 units  -  2.5 gold   Sold

Alchemy materials:  58 units  -  7 gold   Sold

Smithing materials:  267 units  -  30 gold    Sold

All items listed above I would like to sell as the lots that they are listed in if possible,  Gems and gold only in exchange for goods.

If 10 gold worth of items or more are purchased then a 5 gold donation to the hospital of the town will be made by myself.

Sieur Abatt'age Fleau
Suvantian High Knight
House Lord Fleau of House Fleau of Suvant
Cleric of Dael'rion
Older looking male Dwarf

OOG Name - Brad Stevens
Hello Abatt'age,

I'm very interested in the following items:

- The scroll making materials.
- The dagger.
- The goblet.

I would also love to discuss the catalysts.

- Carrion
IG: A human man in a crow skull mask, grey stole, and black clerical vestments. Occasionally carries an iron or silver dagger, but more often seen without any visible weapons or amour to speak of.

OOG: Danny Heintz, he/him. Transmasc in progress, please disregard mine bræsts. 


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