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Lock Away Some Piece of Mind
Are you sick of any ol' person or monster being able to wander into your cabin? do you worry about goblins finding your precious treasures taking them all and leaving you with nothing but vomit and parasites? is there a bandit you have chained to a tree but no way to secure him there? Well Bikar has a solution for you...LOCKS!

These locks will be produced on a first to order basis
The first half of the cost is to be paid in hard coin or gems, the second half of the cost may be payed in any value be it coin, Raw Materials, or if you have a smelly ogre thong, or a mouldy eye patch or any other junk sitting around wondering to yourself 'what will I do with this' I will accept it!
the lock services offered are as follows:

Stage 1 - Able to be broken by any strong Einhier, purchase one of these as a deterant, but little more use then that.
Cost: 1g/(10RM, or equivalent trade)

Stage 2 - Only a slight step above the stage one, that same strong Einhier wearing a single set of bracers of strength will be able to pop this off.
Cost: 2g/(20RM, or equivalent trade)

Stage 3 - Now we are talking useful, it would take one person with the strength to rip themselves out of a bind to get in here. A great standard lock for securing doors or chests against the average creatures and ne'er-do-wells that wander the town.
Cost: 3g/(30RM, or equivalent trade)

Stage 4 - A step up from the stage three, it would take a strong Einhier imbued with natures strength of the bear and wearing two sets of bracers of strength to open this up.
Cost: 4g/(40RM, or equivalent trade)

Stage 5 - Sleep securing knowing that nothing short of a Deathknight will be able to get through your doors, and lets face it, if you have one of those deadmen at your doors a lock isnt going to save you. But for everything else, there is a stage 5 lock.
Cost: 5g/(50RM, or equivalent trade)

Keys - All locks come with one key free with your purchase. You may order additional keys for your locks at a rate of 10RM or 1 gold up to the stage of lock, beyond that keys will cost 15RM or 1.5 gold. For example if you have purchased a stage 4 lock you may order 5 keys, the first four would be payed at the base rate and the fifth at the additional rate.  

Warranty - For the cost of 1g a warranty will be provided for any stage 3 lock or above, return to me with the broken lock and it will be replaced for its base value to create.

To place your orders or if you have any questions come find me, Bikar at the Ragaire Encampment.

Be secure, Be safe.

((best way to contact is FB messenger or email me at
Bikar Borba
Quartermaster of The Ragaire

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