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Ancel's Armory: Open

Peruse my goods, I have all manner of quality items for your protection.

Ancel's Armory now offers sharpening services
For the price of 10 gold, your weapon will be sharpened or honed to be extra deadly. This new state will be effective for 12 months before it reverts to its regular state.

Reforging services
Bring me your unused and unwanted weapons, and I will turn them into usable blacksmithing material again. The fee for this service varies depending on the quantity reforged.

Mastercraft and Legendary items are available upon request

If you wish to place an order, I can be found in town during the day.

Staff x1 - 8 Silver
club x1 - 8 Silver

Hammer x1 - 4.5 Gold
Sword x2 - 4.5 Gold
Silver Mace x1 - 19.2 Gold

Polearm x2 - 7 Gold
Human wearing a mark of the House of I, carrying a halberd and a smithing hammer.

Medical Marshal 2018
(OOG: Dave Urashima on Facebook)
Dear Hammer Man Ancel,

 Me, Wigzozz, is wantin' to buy all of da' armor you's has in stock. Me has coin and also materials iffin' you's has a preference. Send mail pigeon to ORK CAMP for Wigzozz and we strike deal (Java help wiff da' writing) . Can also sometimes find me by town fire.

Greenest regards,

*Penned for Wigzozz

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