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The Brewery Board - Served & Sold [Apr.29th - 6pm]
Upon the wall inside the Tavern next to the bar, a large sheet of parchment has been tacked up with bold writing for all who can to read. It is as follows...

The Brewer's Isle

The following brews be all on tap for serving at 1 Silver or 1 item of whatever ya wanna be trading for a stein o' the grandest.

Moonlight ChaseA delightful combination of berry flavours with a splash of wine strength.
Lightbringer's Lager - A light but sturdy lager with a strange citrus hit of flavour.
Gyrocopter - The drink is heavy in power and tastes of a very earthy grind, it is a gnomish delicacy.
Orange Isle Rain - A taste of the far northern tropics distilled into a smooth wine.
Sharped Light Ale - A bright and light ale with a hint of internal boosting ingredients for the weary.
Blueberry Liqueur - A deliciously simple blend that goes will with many things.
Lucky 7 - A gamble on flavour as it hits with a variety of fruity but powerful shots to the taste buds.
Chemin vers la Victoire - A high elven take on Einish brewing, the power of Einish drinks with the taste and class of High Elves.
Backwater Bounty - A rough but strangely satisfying rum made to forget the troubles.
Catalypso - A tropical cocktail born right out of the Isles with a desire to play with your taste buds.
Hoolumbian Heatmaker - A wildfire of a whiskey made to set your innards ablaze with warmth and cinnamon.
Solid Einish Meade - A hearty einish recipe simple and strong.
Lunar Veil 2238 - A very old wolven recipe strong in flavour and power, be ready for a hail of olden times gusto.

The following brews be keg'd and ready for sale to any feeling the gusto to own a brew and drink to their soul's content. Pricing varies depending on how much o' ya soul gets tanked from it.

Feather Crest Cocktail Plus - An Avian aristocracy wine blend. - 1.2 Gold
Hard Apple Cider - 1.2 Gold
Sparkling Peach Wine -  1 Gold
Liquid Stitches - A medical cocktail both useful in easing the thirst and cleaning away the pain. - 1 Gold
Bite o' Steel - A sturdy whiskey made with sea water and given a hint of steel taste. - 1.3 Gold
Sword of the Sea - A hearty ale blend using a variety of ingredients only found within the watery depths. - 1 Gold
Widowmaker - A harsh wine with a bite of dark flavour, best served cold. - 1 Gold
2 Casks of Einish Meade - 4 Silver for both


Below the large amount of text is the symbol of the Brewer's Isle, an uncorked potion bottle.
A Tall and Lanky Orc, he wears a collection of strange clothing and colours. He always carries a supply of his brews upon his back and a stein in hand.

He is a Brewer of the Kraja Isles.
Owner of the Brewer's Isle within the Gilded Dragon Tavern.

OOG - Christian Kimmerer
Email -

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