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Campfire Policy

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All campfires need to be approved by the owners. If you wish to have a fire approved you must contact the owners prior to the event start and we will arrange a time for someone to come inspect your campfire. Please read below what is necessary for approval.



In order to have a campfire you must have it approved by one of the owners. We will only approve campfire pits if you have at least 5 or more people camping at your site. This avoids 70 players and 35 campfires. If you have been approved for a firepit you have a huge responsibility. If you are the last person at the fire pit you MUST either put it out or remain at the pit until you are relieved (or the fire goes out). If we happen upon your camp and your fire is going and there is nobody there you will lose your fire pit and likely worse. DO NOT LEAVE FIRES UNATTENDED!

All firepits must be dug into the earth approximately 6 inches and have a stone or other suitable surrounding ring. There must be a 10 foot radius clearing around the firepit with no burnable grass or deadfall and there must be a suitable sized opening in the tree canopy with no overhanging boughs. Furthermore, no structure (wooden, tent, etc) can be within 10 feet of an approved fire pit.

All fire pits, are required to have a unused, functional, Class A+B, fire extinguisher. It must be viable and within easy reach of the fire pit. Camps are responsible to provide their own fire extinguishers. Town Centre’s will be provided by us. If the extinguisher is forgotten or not functional, the fire pit is NOT considered approved.

Fires, in approved fire pits, can only be started with traditional fire starting methods (paper, kindling, etc) or slow burning, low heat, fire starter. The use of kerosene, gasoline or any high combustion fuel, is NOT allowed.

We have no issues with people burning wrappers, paper or food waste in there fire pits in their camps. However, you CANNOT burn:

  • plastic
  • glass
  • metal of any kind

If you burn any food or wrappers, please make sure they burned completely and cannot be pulled out by curious animals.