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Pool noodle crafting
So I've seen lots of guides suggesting I use pool noodles instead of pipe insulation in my boffers, but none of them have really answered a basic question I have... How do you secure the noodle to your core?

The couple youtube videos I've seen just have them sliding the noodle on the core and then securing it with a ring of tape at the bottom... and that's it. I don't know if that seems super durable or safe to me. What happens if the ring of tape keeping the noodle on breaks? When I use pipe insulation I use carpet tape up the length of the rod to make sure the foam is secure and will stay in place, but with pool noodles I don't see how you'd be able to slide the noodle on if there's tape present. 

Anywho, I'm still a noobie at boff crafting who doesn't know any better, so I thought I would ask the more experienced crafters how this material works? I'm working on a silver dagger right now and wasn't sure if I should use the noodle I have laying around.
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In order for our boffers to pass safety, they cannot twist on the core. So you would need to cut open the noodle, and double-side tape the core to the foam, like you do with pipe insulation. That being said, I do no recommend using a pool noodle. They are not a great quality and will break down way faster than pipe insulation. 

There are many tutorials available to you. 

Here is the one in this thread.

And this one was created by one of our players and the head Armour and Weapons Marshal.
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