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Scroll reps, and you
I'd prefer an answer from a shaper on this one but I want it here so I'm not questioned later.
I want to make some really nice scroll reps from leather and I had a few questions because I'd heard rumors that the scroll rep rules are oddly specific.the reps I'm planning would be time consuming.

Can they be made from any material?
Can they be made to be part of a bracer?
If I have them attached to a shield or something and its destroyed , do the scrolls also get destroyed.

Please don't just point me at the rule book.
Thanks all.
Not an answer for you but just because you sparked my mind...

My favorite rep for a scroll would be a piece of Bark that had the incant for repel written nicely onto it and the tag taped to the back of it.
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1. Yes. Why not. 

2. Sure? But why would you?

3. Personally, I would say yes. 

I must insist that this rules question gets posted to the Underworld Wide forums.
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