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Psionic focus, what have you used?
to all the psionic casters in game, cause there is so many of you, what have you used in the past/ present as your focus?
how did you make it?
 what is it made from?

 Id like to get working on mine well before game and have a few back ups just in case.
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People use in game coins, quarters but sanding them down and carving them.
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Take polymer clay, make it into a disk and carve the eye out. Then fire the clay in the oven to harden it and then paint it silver.
I have a big novalty coin I have sanded down and carved an eye into it
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i bought a little plain silver pendant and took something sharp like a nail and drew an eye it it. seems to work great and its easier to use as a necklace if you want.
I've always used an UW Silver coin and etched an eye into it.

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