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Spear construction

Just getting started on my first spear! I went to the hardware store to get the basic supplies to get started and.... it did not go as well as I'd liked. 

Are the weapon cores listed in the rulebook correct? ...Are they inches? The measurements in the book are often not marked at all as to what system they're from. The rulebook said a 1.25(I'm assuming inches) core for a spear, but when I went to get a PVC pipe, well... it was really huge. Like reallly really thick. Almost ridiculously so. I don't remember the spear I used on the weekend being that  gigantic. Are the measurements a suggestion or a rule? Are they an upper threshold? It seemed like the 3/4" or 1" pipe was around what I'd seen at warcry from the rental boffers. Will I get failed if I got with that core instead of 1.25"?

Also I'm running into difficulty finding open cell foam. Does anyone know a good place in London to get some? I only have the honeycomb style at home and that's not usable for the thrusting cap I need the spear to have.

Lastly it was suggested to me that I use pool noodles for the padding on the spear. They had some at the store I was at, but I thought the foam felt a little stiff. Are pool noodles recommended or safe to use? Or should I just stick with normal multi-layer foam pipe insulation as the padding?

Thanks for the help!
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Hey, as a person who just went through all of this a few months ago (I created a trident weapon) I can feel the frustration. Especially if this is your first boffer weapon.

I went with 1" and mine passed. I felt like 1.25" was too thick as well. All I can say is if you're going to push to the maximum length of the body spear to use 1.25" is a very good idea; however, it may not feel right for everyone. They recommend that because the longer the weapon the more likely it is to be "wobbly" or not as straight and that can cause issues with accurate poking of the weapon or general safety of it breaking.

The best advice I have is if you go with 1" is to make sure that it doesn't wobble if only a little because no matter what to use a 'safe' core it probably will a little, but should not be obvious. If need be, make the boffer end longer so the weight isn't all on the end and is more even throughout.  

As I don't live in London I am unsure of a good place. But I can say that there are plenty of types that people use and  it really depends. Home Depot has most of what you will need, if not all.

I used a "safety mat for kids" type of foam that you put on a floor as it was hard but squishy and used bed 'memory' foam as the boffers.

Pool noodles are fine and yes they can be rough, some people use sponges at the tips of their weapon instead of the foam like I did. Just make sure to poke holes in the boffer end with a pin or the like so it can "breathe" if that makes sense. A pool noodle may have issue getting around a 1" core pipe though and so you may need to find an alternative.

edit: the multi-layer foam pipe insulation will definitely suffice, but I would recommend doubling it up if that makes sense. So you would need 3. One goes directly on, another on that but it won't reach all the way around so the third you cut out a strip to fill the gap. The nice thing is this may create a cool looking design once it is all duct taped over Smile
If you choose to go less than 1.25 it can be risky, just ensure it doesn't whip/wobble/bend.
Hey Em,
I would definitely recommend sticking to the 1.25 for your spear,to guarantee a pass .The marshal checking your stuff has to feel comfortable with your weapon.

They have recently been more stringent on the requirements because whippy weapons because its easy to get carried away and hit too hard.

Pool noodles are allowed but you get so much more flexibility with the insulation.It often adheres better too,meaning your weapon will last and last.

As for foam if you want cheap find an old cushion in the trash or a thrift store. Alternatively Michaels crafts or Walmart in the home decor section.

I am an armor marshal in ralinwood so please don't hesitate to send me questions.
If you live in London I will be there next week if you want to meet up and I can help. Look me up on Facebook
And we can set up something at Vic park, I also need to build a second one,

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