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Waiting for Roland, April 34- evening
* Putting down his drink and facing Rolin*
" You are right master. Please forgive my behavior lately and please do not hold Luna accountable for my lack of focus. I am completely to blame. I am still finding urban life a little strange after all my years in the wild, and I find a familiar comfort in Luna's company. This is no excuse for my behavior though. If you will forgive me I swear that my focus will be fully on your teachings and on our work from now on, especially during this troubling time."
* Turning to Luna *
" You have done nothing to get me in trouble. My actions were my own and I am solely to blame for my lack of focus."
A Golden Draconian clad in a brown jerkin and chainmaille.

OOG: Sean Gawthroupe
*frowns biting her lip, as she looks to her wine.*
River RedClaw, mother of way to many.
often seen hiding behind the group.
OOG: Tara

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