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Tutorials & Patterns!
If you find some other good sources, please post below and I can add to the list.


Eqos on DeviantArt: Various garments (free!):
T-tunic tutorial (free):
Another tunic (free):
Modern Kilt tutorial (free):
"15th century" Shirt tutorial (free):
Simple hooded vest (hand-written pattern):


A bunch of "hobo" bags:
Craftsy: Home of free Pattern Friday (free or $):
Crystal Anvil: Various leather patterns ($):


Crystal Anvil: Various leather patterns ($):


Slim Boffer Blades:
** Remember to add at least 1/2" of closed cell foam to either side of the blade to cover the exposed pipe!!
Non-tubular boffer instructable (by Underworlders):

This list was compiled by the wonderful and talented Sarah Mersereau.
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