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Drying out & Warming Up (11/18/14)
"Ha! Dramatics?" Dex bursts out laughing, "You have time to have dramatics between one another with all the hostile shite running around the woods? Charon's bones, that's hilarious." He catches his breath and clears his throat, "So, what camps are we looking at? Where do you lay your head and where do the others?"
"ye wonder right?" he chuckles with him "Well the three main camp I remember are, Muintir, Stormvale and Emerald Company...I rest me head with Muintir, an Einher founded Camp, great lads, but ye best wish to talk to Muintir members first, but I can go with ya so ye got a friend goin in...oh and just a quick word to the wise, when people say Hail when ya approach them, say hail back, its ta show ya aint a mindless monster...hard to see people in the dark after all"
A man in brown hooded robe walks with a staff
"Ya don't say." Dex says, gesturing to his dark attire, "I'll be sure to. So, how is your camp run? Do you all get a say or is there a leader?"
"Heh ya that be true, its why I wear the robes" -pulls down a bit of the robe around his neck to show black studded leather armor "Muintir is the one camp that I find works the best, Stomevale has its Mages Guild, Emerald Company is run by a....well you can make your own opinion from that...Muintir is more like a group of friends, we look out for our own, but that aint my call to just welcome ya, it be a group call"
A man in brown hooded robe walks with a staff
"Fair enough, if you invited everything that washes up on shore to camp with you, you'd be camping with a lot more driftwood, murkers and crocodiles." Dex finishes his drink and stands up, "Thank you for your help Kare, I'm going to go wander and get a feel for the area. I'll see you around!" Dex pulls his hood up over his head and walks out the tavern door.

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