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Warming up from the cold.
"Accalia's right, poison will seep into the soil. With bombs and explosions comes an unfavorable aftermath."

*Azalea pauses and stares blankly at the far wall, deep in thought and mumbling to herself*

"But if we are careful with aim we could contain the damage...maybe make the shards out of silver or iron..."

*She looks to Rolin with a smile*

"And what is your take? I like explosions."
A human female blacksmith with a shield and longsword.
*Rolin ponders a moment to consider the options.*
"Perhaps a two stage, incendiary with a tar component so that flames will stick, but then add the silver and iron shrapnel, but dip them in a poison solution first for good measure."
*He completes with a wink to Accalia*
"I like ideas."
"You are welcome for the seed that grew into the tree of an idea" Kare chuckles
A man in brown hooded robe walks with a staff

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