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Warming up from the cold.
*Rolin chuckles.*
"I would not say that our smithy is new per say, but now that have taken on an apprentice we are able to start working on new commissions. Have you met my apprentice Azalea yet?"
"Well if ya want my advice to make a balista better..make it shoot something with an explody bit on the end! or strap a Kobold on the end that goes Kaboom!"
A man in brown hooded robe walks with a staff
*Rolin laughs wholeheartedly.*
"I believe that if I added an incendiary component to the balista my wild elf friend here would be in her glory."
*He says with a wink and nod to Accalia.*
*Though seemingly lost in her book, Cali perks up and quirks an eyebrow*

"A ballista that blows things up... Intriguing..."
"OR ya make something that..that if it lands near someone...instead of an explosion, because somethings might be resistant to fire or whatever comes out of a bomb...something sharp like a stiletto or spear, but many of them!"
A man in brown hooded robe walks with a staff
*Azalea snaps to attention and raises an eyebrow*

"A shrapnel bomb? Perhaps filled with metal fragments..."

*She glances towards Accalia and smirks*

"Maybe we should make explosives as well, and watch Cali clear the battlefield with glee. That would be a sight."
A human female blacksmith with a shield and longsword.
"OR better still! have both an explody and shrapbel bomb with poison mixed in, so if they miss the fire and metal bits, the poison still gets them! See I'm full of good ideas when I'm sober"
A man in brown hooded robe walks with a staff
*Cali purses her lips and looks thoughtful*

"With a weapon like that I wonder how you intend to control the aftermath. Fire is equal parts beautiful and brutal, but if you can't control it, it will destroy everything in it's wake, including friends and the Earth Mother. This shrapnel that you speak of seems much the same in terms of its chaotic nature, harming anything it sinks itself into."

*She pauses, a perplexed crease in her forehead*

"And poison is equally destructive. This does not sound like a defensive structure, it sounds like a bloodthirsty creation."

*She pauses again and looks at Kare*

"I mean no offence, your ideas are... Good. But I don't see how we could make such a weapon without fully understanding our own responsibilities and intentions."
"hmm...didn' think that far ahead...well they just be ideas, sure ash shiet i cant actually make any of this" he chuckles
A man in brown hooded robe walks with a staff
*Cali blinks*

"Ah, yes, well... I would not doubt Rolin's abilities or ambitions. We must be careful about the sort of ideas we put in his head."

*She winks at Rolin*

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