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Warming up from the cold.
*Rolin sits at a table looking over some drawings, sketching out, scribbling out, making changes here and there. He takes a swig from his coffee mug, and sets his pen down.*
-Kare walks in- "Fukin shiet she be gettin cold! Lucky Einher back home laugh at the cold...Hail Rolin" -Kare comes up to the bar seeing the drawings- "Hmm...cant make heads or tails of this...what ya be workin' on?"
A man in brown hooded robe walks with a staff
*Azalea enters the tavern and joins Rolin at his table, glancing over at his sketches*
A human female blacksmith with a shield and longsword.
*Rolin gestures from one drawing to the next.*
"I am not the artistic one, I leave that to you, these are a few of the ideas that I've had. Perhaps you could put your spin on one of them?"
"Well...what ya be trying to make and then I might be able to help" he tries to understand the drawings
A man in brown hooded robe walks with a staff
*Accalia enters the tavern and scans the area before her gaze settles on Rolin's table. She lowers her hood to reveal rosy, wind-bitten cheeks and walks over, settling herself down next to Azalea, bumping her shoulder against the other woman's as she smiles warmly*

"What innovative smithing brilliance are the two of you up to today?"

*She pauses and looks over at Rolin, smirking once he meets her eyes*

Grimnir opens the door, just tunic and kilt with a wicked smile, "Finally some appropriate weather!" He nods to all gathered, grabbing a warm cup of tea and pulling up a chair and glancing at the pictures. "We need some serious supplies for this type of weapon."
Matthew Weaver
An Einish Male of Clan Bothnia. 
*Rolin chuckles as at the notion and gestures to the drawing of a balista off to the side.*
"Not this evening my friends, that is more of an ongoing work in progress. Although I am always more than happy to engage in a conversation about balistas."
*He says with a wink and nod to Accalia.*
"No today is a bit more about the mundane. My apprentice and I are working on setting up our smithy business, and as such she is helping me with designs on a new sign."
*Cali nods, pulling out her journal and a pencil*

"Ah yes, good luck with that my friends."

*She smiles and then peers into her journal, zoning out as she scribbles in the book*
*enters the Tavern wearing a simple tunic and some think black pants. He grabs a seat near the others with a drink in his hand*

A new Smithy opening up for business? That is exciting.

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