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A meeting of sorts(Oct 21 9pm)
*Rolin leans back in his chair, and smiles.*
"I'm just looking for ways to help out the town. As a fellow non combatant, Van and I seem to always find ourselves at the back of the battle, usually helping out the same patient. Not to mention that to my garglyn friend, and the head of the hospital guard, I'm his doctor."
"He says with a wink."
"Oh, you're friends with Doyly too? That's great. Well… we've already appointed Kevin as our Chief of Gargylen Medics, but there's no reason why you can't be his second, and be Acting Chief in the event that he's not around.

The Hospital is being funded by donations right now. We put all the donations together and use those to pay all our staff, plus anyone who works for us receives complementary healing. Pay is usually not much, but… and obviously we don't expect you to pitch in anything you make from smithing folk.

Doyly put a list of the other Hospital rules on the Notice Board somewhere. Maybe you can get someone to point it out to you."
A young Wood Fae dressed in green and black. Head Physician of the Hospital.

OOG: Jess

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