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Relaxing at the tavern (TS Sept 23rd at dusk)
*brennus shuffles over being careful as he can not to spill*
Don't mind if i do!
Elderly Human man wearing a long grey coat over chainmaille.
*Cali smirks and shuffles over, making room for Brennus*
*Rolin smiles as Brennus joins the table.* So as I see it our problem is securing the base. We /need/ the good timbers for the main structure. Battlements we build on that can be reinforced now that we have seen how the other wood performs.
*Vidar walks into the tavern. He looks around, spotting the group* AH! My friends! How goes your days?
OOG Erik Koudys
*Rolin gestures to the table.* "Please come join us, some engineering is upon us."
*Sits at the table* Engineering, eh? Building something big are we?
OOG Erik Koudys
*Cali smiles pleasantly at Vidar, slightly tilting her head in greeting*

"Vidar. Our smith here has very big plans for building us a solid defence."
*Rolin looks to Accalia, to Brennus, and Callum* This is our future, there are too many that are looking for the quick and easy. Too many that do not understand that Ralinwood is is our home, too many times have I heard the name Jericho spoken. Jericho is a city of it's own, we need to work on our problems here... Work on building something. If we don't protect our farmers, we fail. If we don't work together with the locals, we fail. If we don't start to form our own identity, we fail. I did not come here to fail, I came here to start anew, to help build something better, and to that end we will have defensible positions. There are many things our small but growing town needs, but the most important thing is unity to the cause.
"Well said." Grimnir smiles as he walks in during Rolin's speech. "If I can help. Let me know."
Matthew Weaver
An Einish Male of Clan Bothnia. 
*Rolin looks up as the newcomer speaks.* "Any help is always greatly appreciated, come join us. We were just discussing the current challenges faced with the farmers, and the palisades."

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