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A loud slam of the door (( Sept/08 2:00pm))
Ash arrives just as Briar is leaving and upon seeing him leaps at him into a hug.

"Briar!! I missed you!"

She giggles and scratches his head lightly as she hugs him.
*nods at Callum*

Please check quickly!
Ellewen Tel'Montian
Co-Leader of The Storm Vale
Description: High Elf. Caster. Often seen wearing a green cloak and leather armor and wields a wooden staff.
OOG: Hayley Sweet
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Briar chuckles at ash, ruffling her hair, "I must be off little fae. The farmers need me still."
OOG- Matthew Weaver Weapon and Armour Marshal
Briar is seen with swords at his hips and a tabard depicting a winged shield
She pouts and burrow in his chest.

"Okay... come back soon though!"

She perks up and gives him a kiss on the cheek before letting him go.

"I just got back though! So don't be a stranger!"

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