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Rolin awaits his champions
*Rolin sidles up to the bar and orders himself a drink, before looking over the assembled crowd.*
"Callum, Silv, Uther, and Maxiumus if you are here I wish to speak with you. Aside from these names if you wish to aid ralinwood, your homestead forward. We find ourselves under siege, we find ourselves at a disadvantage."
*Rolin sighs and steps away from the bar*
"This is where it gets real, no farmers means no food.... No food means no Ralinwood, no Storm Vale, no Muintir, no Emerald camp, no Dawns breach, no anything. You may not know me or I may have worked on your armour in perpetuity. The town needs your help, I need your help. How many of you have the courage to join?"
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*A loud thud is heard as Vali's head smacks the underside of the table he was lying under making no motion to get up from under said table Vali speaks*
"WHAT! no farmers mean no wheat and grains none of that means no booze! I will help ye lad!"

Died 11th of June 2257
 "I once heard Vali woke up in the night saying someone needed him and ran off into the night. Last night he heard that someone needed him and ran off to Valhalla." 

OOG name Patrick Davey 
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*Rolin looks towards the noise*
"No booze, no mead, ale, corn, it would take a generation to rebuild our stocks."
*Vali no realizing that no one can see him crawls out from under the table and attempts to stand up and almost falls over*
"I will gladly join in the quest of killing things fer me mead!"

Died 11th of June 2257
 "I once heard Vali woke up in the night saying someone needed him and ran off into the night. Last night he heard that someone needed him and ran off to Valhalla." 

OOG name Patrick Davey 

Another figure stirs from under a table

"What is this about no booze relating to a lack of wheat and corn? you would be surprised by the number of things we can turn to fine drinks. I've spent the last seven years wetting my whistle with any number of ship board supplies, and I tell you not a one of them was corn or wheat related"

"All that aside, you speak of a noble purpose and let me be the first to say that when there is injustice in this world, where the little man is trampled by the rampage of fate and ill circumstance, where danger rears it's ugly head, I will be right here doing nothing to help and raising a glass to the misfortune of others!"

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*Maximus bangs i hand on the table as he sits down*

"O tavern Slave! A cold drink please."

*looks at Rolin*

"And what would you have me o? Run around and make people fall a sleep? I am in no way a warrior, for the last time, I don't care for the common people I care about myself and so long as the people of this town think only for themselves why should I do any different?"
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*Rolin turns his gaze to Maximus*
"I would have you search for vengeance, I would would have you contribute to something that can only serve to benefit you in the long run. If you wish to remain short sighted that is for you to deal with, but I would seek the council of the others around before passing this off."

*Looks out towards the others milling around the tavern*
"Cowards... the lot of you, I am but a Smith, and I have chosen to assist one of our lifelines. If the farms run dry, what do we have? Shame... that is what we have. That we did nothing but watch while others took freely what we have worked so hard for. This is not another land that you have come from where everything is given freely and we can take for granted all that we have... There is no backup plan, there are not years of reserves.. the boat only carried so much."
*Rolin throws his chair back*
"Get your drink on while you can, there will be fewer numbers to enjoy or procure from, the mentality escapes me."
Silv is lurking at a table on the edge of the tavern, mug of something or other settled in her lap, one hand looped in the handle, the other gently covering the top. She is reclining slightly in her chair, her knees pressed against the edge of the table to keep herself in position. She has been sitting there for a while, simply watching and listening.

After Rolin has finished declaring everyone cowards, she rolls her eyes, and takes another swig of her drink. "You, lad, need to learn the meaning of diplomacy. Asking for help and then promptly insulting those you plead to is a horrible bargaining strategy." She took another drink and shook her head, making no move to get up and cross the tavern to go to the Smith. She just stayed where she was and watched.
*Sven can be seen resting the majority of his upper torso on a table not far off from Silv, one arm covering his head, the other arm raised with a mug in hand. After Silv's comment he makes some vague gestures of support with his upright hand, spilling some of the contents on himself and the table around him*
*A dirt stained man dressed in rough farmer garb stands up with a large mug in hand.*
"Listen to that guy! I have been breaking my back for months clearing farm land! I have a wife and child in the south! They are depending on me to send coin home to them. I need to know that I am going to be safe working here! We need help building this palisade, and I don't think its much to ask!"

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