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A Quiet Drink (June 2nd, 11 PM)
The hour was late, and the night was dark by the time they'd made their way up from the beach toward the Gilded Dragon. If it were possible for a darkling to look pale, then perhaps this one might have, but as it were, she simply looked slightly haggard, and exhausted, and perhaps a bit dizzy. She was using her bow as a bit of a walking stick to steady herself, but by the time Silv made it to the door of the tavern and pushed it open, she was managing to walk a little bit easier. She stood there, looking back into the dark behind her, clearly waiting for whoever she was with to catch up while she held the door for them.

There was a pierce in the leather of her armour, around the midsection in the front. Since the skin beneath it was black, it was almost impossible to see, for it was a tiny slit, barely an inch wide, but if the light caught it correctly, the gleam of semi-dried blood was visible. Whatever the wound had been, however, it no longer seemed to be bleeding.
*wanders in behind silv* You sure are a quick one not even the least bit worried about what could be wandering around while we are walking? *The ice elf asks his voice filled with amusement.*
She leaned against the door with a grin that said she was still a bit loopy and light headed. "Most things hiding in the dark won't see me first," she chuckled. "And besides... You were right behind me."

She peered outside again, looking for Briar.
Suppose its true if there attention was on you it'd be a mistake on their part *he says with a grin* I think Briar was a bit behind me lets grab a seat and I'll get us a few drinks?
Briar moved calmly down the path, eyes lazily scanning the forest as he finally entered the tavern. "You also forget that I stand out in the dark, though most things here seem to know that I am capable." The human strolling to the bar area and awaiting the tavernkeep.
OOG- Matthew Weaver Weapon and Armour Marshal
Briar is seen with swords at his hips and a tabard depicting a winged shield
Silv chuckled wryly, and then quietly let the door close and followed in after the two. She leaned slightly on the bar, relieved to have something to support herself against.
*to briar* Thanks for your help sir.

*to Silv* So again in two weeks? think you can handle it?
"I will be present again as well..."
OOG- Matthew Weaver Weapon and Armour Marshal
Briar is seen with swords at his hips and a tabard depicting a winged shield
"I have no problem as long as you keep your distance and as long as Silv continues to request your presence. Going that far out into the woods it would be safer with you there."
Silv gave a nod. "I can manage it, of course." Her eyes went to Briar. "And yes, I want Briar's presence. It gives me great peace of mind knowing there's a friend to help me stumble back to camp.". She chuckled softly. "It was, truthfully, not as bad as I feared... And I am content to help my friends... However need be."

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