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Larp is not consent
Hello community. I wanted to post here that this past weekend there has been far too much sexual harassment. Just because we're In costume and in character does not mean that you have consent to do or say things. It's not just me but others have addressed their concerns to me. We are people outside of game and it is utterly inappropriate. Just because it is 30+ degrees and we may be wearing less clothing DOES NOT mean we are asking for it. 

Those who have experienced inappropriate feed back from other players please contact Dan or Ivanna to talk to them in confidence. 

Thank you,

(A female high elf with dark purple hair. She wears plate armour and a chain mail dress. A banner of a spear and a snow flake hanging from her left hip. )
We take harassment complaints very seriously. If anyone is found to be harassing anyone at game, we will remove them.

Please feel free to bring your complaints to us Serena. We'd like to address them.

Anyone else feel free to email is at
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