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RE: Preparing for a very important tea... - Ivanna - 12-19-2016

*A tallish man in one of those blue hooded capes finished a drink, walks over unobtrusively and places some coins on the counter of the Brewer's Isle, pulls up the hood and if not stopped, walks out of the tavern.*

RE: Preparing for a very important tea... - Jannika - 12-19-2016

*nods to Capri* I vas being rash too. By the Ancestors I meant no ill vill. Ve be staying friends yes? Ve vork vell togezzer eh? end ve be better viz zhe communication from now on ok?

*then turning to the tall man in blue* Friend, velcome to zhe Gilded Dragon. Perheps you are needing somesing to eat viz your drink eh?

RE: Preparing for a very important tea... - Capri Aquari - 12-19-2016

"Course I gonna up and still make drinks 'ere. Ain't no brew without a master o' it round, I be sticking here like sap to a grand tree. Be a downer that we be losing the elf-sis but it be chill, the book o' life be still writing along."

Capri lets out a chuckle and thumps his chest once with his words, he turns to individual in the cloak and gives a grand smile as he collects the coin.

"Thank ya kindly, come 'round again. Shishishi."

He turns to Gaz before holding out the coin to her with his grand smile still held.

"We all goof up, it be a right groove of life. Let's all just be smoothing it out and getting on back to making things a real good time here. Sound righteous to ya boss?"