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RE: Preparing for a very important tea... - Jannika - 12-18-2016

((OOG - we need to call a hold until I clarify some things with Ivanna or this could get ugly...lol))

RE: Preparing for a very important tea... - Capri Aquari - 12-18-2016

"How 'bout ya hold ya self a minute there. Ya'll never thought ta ask the bro who literally is here everyday since I all be making the deal 'bout what all was going down. Ya ain't ever seen this bro here? The bar been always open and working since I be starting up. I been serving up my brews to the folk of this place and further. Far as I can be seein', ya up and just sat ya self in here and started workin' free-like unless my partner all hired ya. Nobody decided to tell a brotha what the jive was."

Capri leans forward on the counter with his hands clenching the bar harder than normal. A twinge of anger in his expression.

((OOG - It's all good, if you need to talk this out we can use facebook?))

RE: Preparing for a very important tea... - Ivanna - 12-18-2016

((Please wait - reply pending))

RE: Preparing for a very important tea... - Jannika - 12-18-2016

*grumbling beneath her breath* Is not my responsibility to be telling you of tings. I vas hired to run zhe tavern - zhat is vhat I be doing. You eat do you not??
Zhere is no need to get zhe panties in zhe tvist! *the older woman obviously frustrated as she continues to straighten out her table setting*

RE: Preparing for a very important tea... - Wizwik - 12-18-2016

-Wizwik takes a seat next to dehclan, gives him a nod and looks over to the conversation between Capri and Jannika-

RE: Preparing for a very important tea... - Dioghi - 12-18-2016

*I shrug and give a playful smirk as I then look back to the goings on*

RE: Preparing for a very important tea... - Ivanna - 12-19-2016

*Gaz comes into the main area of tavern. She looks at Jannika, looks over her linens, stares at the floor briefly, then looks at Capri while Jannika talks*

"Bisya Boha. I didn't think I needed to tell you" *points to Capri* "about how I" *stabs her chest with the pointing finger* "run my own house here." *stamps her foot and points to the ground.* "I don't ask what you do over there in your house-in-my-house." *points behind the counter of the Brewer's Isle.*

"If you decided not talking to each other yet, despite living and breathing and drinking on top of each other, that's not my problem. Master Brewsterman, if you had a problem like with me hiring people to do my thingies when I'm not here, ny, why you no say anything... dy mene... to me before?"

*Looks at Jannika*

*looks around, shifty, eyes narrowing*

"Why you knotting pant? I thought you made food for me, not clothes."

RE: Preparing for a very important tea... - Jannika - 12-19-2016

*bursts out laughing* Is an expression ...panties in zhe twist...is mean don't to over react.
I am making only zhe foods for you, viz great results too eh? Zhe coffers overflow no??
You like maybe to be tasting some new creations?? Your kitchen is alvays open for you of course

RE: Preparing for a very important tea... - Capri Aquari - 12-19-2016

Taken aback at the moment with Gaz's words, Capri can't help but stutter a minute before he answer with hhis hands before him seemingly talking as well.

"Woah now, I ain't up and got none when it be coming ta issues with who ya bringing on in here. I just be liking to know what be going down since I be here pretty much from the Light Bringer's rise till its near rerising. Keeping a brotha in the dark be kinda unchill. I ain't wantin' any problem-jive. I be glad Ya'll getting the biz open more to folk it just be nice i figure if we be ya know, talking more I 'spose."

Capri in his rush of words finally pauses and rubs at the back of his head with a bit of embarrassment in his expression. 

"Guess I put my ol' foot in my mouth on this one. Jannika-sis, I be apologizing. All I be asking be that we be making with the talk-words 'fore pulling things. This be me home too so I wanna be making sure I ain't making a gaff. Thinking we can be chill?"

RE: Preparing for a very important tea... - Ivanna - 12-19-2016

*Gaz nods at Jannika, barely grunts, then waits a second*

"Yes. People like you, how you do that thing, I don't know. It's very good. Been very... Nice?"

*turns back to Capri*

"My mistake too. Shoulda said, I guess. Not used to... Uh... Working with someone like that. I'll... I'll tell next time I hire someone then? Oh, yeah, I fire the dark elf a while back. She is gone away long time. Ok? You still make drinks here?"

*Looks at his, eyes still narrowed*