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Full Version: Armored Ramskull Gargylen (TS April 15, 8:00 PM)
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*Blank enters the tavern, covered in a thick sheet of ice. He is shivering terribly, but looks around to see if he can find the Gargylen with the armored ramskull*
*After some time, he takes a seat near the kitchens in an apparent attempt to warm himself*
*a tall thin Gargylen carrying 4 sets of shields steps into the tavern, audibly cracking it's neck. He looks around for a free table in a corner, walks over placing his shields on the ground beside the table. Taking off his ramskull cod peice and takes a cloth out to polish it.*
*Blank eventually spots the Gargylen, and waddles up with a doff of his black tricorn hat*

"Hell-o. You are the Gargylen wi-th the ram sssskull. I have been looking for you."
*He makes a clicking noise for a moment before giving a respectful bow*
Geb looks up from polishing with a big smile, "Yes, I do believe I fit that description. Since you haven't accused me of necromancy yet, I assume you're here with friendly intent?" He goes to offer a hearty handshake but while doing so knocks over a shield. While offering a hand he says " What can I do for you?"
*He shakes his hand*

"You are not a Necromancer. That's a pretty skull. Hmm. I wished to sssspeak to y-ou about a sword you were sssssellling apparently?"
Geb's face lights up with excitement "Yes, yes! It has served me well. I actually pulled it from a spider's butt! but alas I feel it would serve someone else better. Did you have an offer for it?"
"I was wondering its history. I wish-ed to give it as a gift to someo-ne young and desssserving."
*He whirrs a bit*

"I can make an offer, but I would wish to know what you'd ideally like fo-r it...?"
Geb looks slightly confused " someone young and deserving? Are you a knight or something?" he then anxiously fidgets before responding "well i'm sorta new to this whole... Adventuring thing, I dont really know how much it's worth. A friend of mine said it was worth 50 gold but, they arent the most reliable so im kinda going by other's good graces for offers"
"Not a Knight. I just like giving to tho-se who are new to the frontier worldsss."

*He scratches his chin*
"Magical swordsss are interesting. I have not 50 golden pieces. Are you looking primarily for coin?"
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