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Full Version: But where are the scouts (TS Thursday April 6, 1am)
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*Three Duvainan naval men come in, demanding to know if anyone saw naval scouts - specifically, a large human, Francis, a wild elf, Charlotte, and a wood fae, Jamie. Most people in the tavern doesn't seem to know where they are, so they turn to the adventurers in the tavern, asking them.*
Carrion has been sitting at one of the tables with tea in hand, mask pushed back to rest on his forehead as he listens to the Dunvanian men's questions.

"That doesn't sound like anyone I've seen lately. Where were they supposed to be, before you lost contact with them?"
From behind the bar, Capri chimes in to the Naval individuals as he's cleaning a large stein.

"Fraid them names and such be most unfamiliar to this brotha, if they all up and show 'round here ya'll will be sure we is gonna get set straight-like. Where they all needing to head?"
*Answers both at the same time*

"They were sent scouting, in the mountains, the three together, to see what kind of things you lot let march into the woods. They were supposed to be back by last night. Haven't seen hardly any of them."

*Turns to Capri*

"We were hoping, Master Brewer, that they may have stopped in for a nip before returning to us. If you see the lot.... Send 'em up to the command center at the docks, you hear?"
Maxi sits in the tavern, "Excuse me sir, perhaps I can be of assistance. Was one of these men exceptionally large, with mutton chops and thinning hair. carried a sword? that belonged to his father?"
"He at least did not give a name."
*Shakes his head*

"Yes, now that sounds like Fancis. Though I not be sure of his sword? There are a lot of men under me that carry swords handed down... Sounds like it though. Have ye seen him of late?"
"I actually had two assists in his arrest a few weeks ago, some of our townspeople claim that him and your other scouts were up to nefarious activities. I believe he mentioned going back to the mountains to finish work. He left alone in the belief that his Ally's fell in battle and would have returned to there camp in the hills."
Maxi grimaces after he realizes what he said.

"Sorry for being so blunt about it..."