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Full Version: A time to lean, a time to clean (Sunday Feb 26th, mid morning)
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-Before the sun is fully in the sky, Lamalas can be seen heading into the tavern and cleaning it. He stays silent as he works and has a steadfast, stern look upon his face.-
Entering the Tavern with his heavy load of gear still smiling from his time away, Capri looks to the condition of the tavern before dropping his gear aside gently. His brow furrows hard and anger can be seen hard in his expression as he takes notice of all the mess and signs of remaining mess about.

"A brotha goes away for a time ta celebrate a day of a new cycle and all comes back ta this jive. Somebody best be spillin' what all went down 'fore shit getting outta hand...."
-He looks up, a broom in his hands as he is sweeping- Shit already got "outta hand". Talk to the Lady Jannika, because what you just said sounded awfully close to a threat.
His view turns to Lamalas with his expression unchanged speaking with the same tone.

"When something up and busts up a place I all be calling home i gots a real good groove to be feeling the anger at folk till I be knowing the truth words."

Capri moves his gear slowly to the bar safely and moves into the backroom looking for Jannika without his angered look.

"Yo Jannika-sis Ya'll being here?"
*gnar comes into the taven walking in normally and then in an instant stops and looks around at the mess then immediatly starts to help clean up with out even saying a word he looks partialy upset that someone would do this *
-Looks up as Capri calls for Jannika- She's not here, she is in her cabin and not to be disturbed due to Dehclan dying last night.
Bringing his form out from the back room with irritation on his face, he heaves a huff of annoyance at Lamalas before speaking.

"First ya up and tell a brotha ta get the words from her then ya be telling me ain't to be disturbing her. Ya giving this Brewer a ripe ol' mind ache. Who else be knowing what went down?"
I simply said that you need to talk to her about it, not that she was available to do so. When she is taking visitors I will let her know you want a word with her. In the meantime I have more cleaning to do
*Zaydesh enters the tavern*
Capri, set your things where they need be, then follow me to my tent. Ill explain what I know.
*Walks off*
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Storing his travel gear safely away, Capri heads out following Zaydesh with oonly his shoulder bag remaining.