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Full Version: Chasing Butterflies (Jan 29th, 6:30pm)
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As Carrion steps into the tavern he immediately glances about in search of Capri.
Behind the bar trying to keep busy, Capri is working away at some herb mixing with a chunk of ice tied to his head. His eyes dark with sleeplessness as he chews a sprig of something slowly.
He is mumbling off herbs quietly to himself as he works.
"Capri!" He crosses the room to the bar, and gives the orc a faint smile. "It feels as if I've always seen you from a distance, and never found a moment to properly introduce myself. I'm sorry I've come looking for you when you seem so weary."
Perking up at the voice, Capri gives a light smile as he turns his gaze to Carrion.

"Ay, it ain't a trouble. Ya'll bein' that one all attached real close like to Miss Lilith ain'tcha? Never got ya name but it be chill, time all be working things out. The weariness also be fine, just a bit o' a headache that'll pass in time. Magic be funny like that."

He places his mixing tools upon the counter and leans against it to speak more casually.

"What can this brotha up and do for ya?"
"Yes, that's me." Carrion leans forward against the bar in turn, folding his arms in front of him. "My name is Carrion... you answered my notice, about the seer?"
"Well that be a radical groove, Carrion-bro. As fer the Seer-bro biz it be real simple like."

Capri takes a thinking pose with his knuckle to his chin as he speaks, clearly his thoughts are strained from the headache he spoke about.

"He up...He up and talked 'bout how the spirits gave 'im words about how I was up and apparently gonna be goin' and finding a glowy white orb that would be most beneficial to folk 'round here. I ain't one to be doubtin' the spirits but it be a bit wild. Supposing I gots to be lookin' out and such but yeah that be the biz he all be talking with me 'bout."
"A glowing white orb?" Carrion asks, frowning slightly. "That's not one I've heard... when he said that others had been told about foxes and butterflies and doors, I thought that was all that had been said in regards to whatever's coming. I never realized people might have been given more specific tasks."
Sevatar walks into the tavern, adorned in his full armour. He removes his helm just before stepping inside to reveal an exhausted face and bloodshot eyes. He takes one of the open seats near Capri and gives a nod to both Carrion and Capri. "Capri, if you have coffee, Please."
Carrion nods in return, his frown deepening. "You look like I feel, Sevatar. Are you alright?"
Nodding to Sevatar, Capri rummages behind the counter a few minutes before placing a sstein of coffee before him. He smiles as best he can as he adjusts the tied ice on his head.

"Sev-Bro,  good ta see a brotha. Lookin' right like ya baked ya peepers in an oven. Late night partying?"
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