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Full Version: A Finished Race [Jan 23rd, 2017, 5:00pm]
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-Java and Capri can be seen racing towards the Tavern, Java beating Capri only by a slight lead-

"Ahh dat was fun Capri~. Reminds me of de time back in de island when de Fisherman were handin' out their catch~. Bein' faster den most I was able to snag us a bigga fish~." 

-Java carrying a bag of Capri's bar equipment walks over to where he normally keeps it and starts gently unpacking, putting some of the heavier things up on the higher shelving [+1 strength]-
Trudging behind not by much, Capri entering into the bar with a chortle as he approaches his space takes his tankard off and drops it onto the bar with a huff of relief.

"Ya I be rememberin' bro, ya got dere first and den I up and used my wicked muscle to all get it home since da catch was always huge-like. It be good catch too. Miss me a good fry o' dat Marline fishy I do."

Walking behind the bar and emptying his pockets and tankard pockets into his personal chest, he takes a moment to count his coin and supplies before seating himself on a stool kept behind the bar watching as Java stowed his other gear away.

"Keep forgettin' the weighty bits travelling be doing. I be right sore as a slab o' iron."
-Java chuckles- "Marline did know de right wicked groove to makin' de best cooked fish~" -Java puts the rest of Capri's things back where it should be.-

-He walks over and takes a seat in front of the bar, hearing him say he's sore he fist-shoves his shoulder him a little [+1 strength] with a chuckle behind it- "Den get otha's to give you a hand ya big dope~...ehh but glad ya back alright...How was tings with Jericho? I take it Cora and de Brewlords alright?"
Capri lets the shove rock him in his seat before righting himself and rolling his shoulders to his own relief.

"Kinda hard ta be gettin' a hand when the load be more den most folk can handle. It be fine though, mostly feelin' the rough stuff from some golem busting I up and did."

Capri pulls from his item chest a large strange looking rod and shows it to Java.

"Little bit o' proof of me stone bustin' brawling."
"Golems?...brotha you getting into shit again~" he chuckles, his attention shifts to the rod "You mean to say you done made a Golem a beach wit ya bare hands?!...by de island spirits brotha I've not heard someting like dat since Chief Nareed* (or however you spell it*) cracked 30 coconuts in a row~" he laughs at the impressive nature of what Capri just shared

A familiar white and purple chicken suddenly scurries into the tavern, heading towards the orc brothers. Elizabeak clucks and flaps her wings.
-Java turns around hearing the chicken, looking down to it he smiles- "Hello Elizabeak!~ Good to see ya again~" -he goes down to a knee and holds out his hand having some seeds in it offering it to the chicken-
Elizabeak clucked happily as she ate the seeds. The tavern door cracks open and a small voice can be heard.
"Elizabeak? Where did you go-"

Cora can be seen peeking form the doorway.
-Java hears Cora's voice, he smiles as he sets the rest of the seeds on the ground. He walks over to the door and opens the door fully showing Java fully to Cora "Hello little sista!~" he smiles happy and a tone full of joy, he picks her up with ease [+1 strength] and pulls her into a hug "I missed ya much Cora!~~"
Cora is taken by surprise when she is scooped up by Java. She gives a little smile and hugs the orc. "Hello big brother~"
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