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Full Version: Preparing for a very important tea...
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*Jannika steps out of the kitchen, carrying a stack of linens and a tray of dishware.  She carefully begins to set a private table, elegant silverware, polished to a shine.  Perfectly pristine tableware, napkins folded with expertice*
Watching with curiosity from behind the bar, Capri slowly enjoys the rhythmic intake of a rolled bundle hobling herb he was gifted burning away. Pulling away for a moment without exhaling the delightful smog, he speaks out.

"Whatcha all up and doing there? Tavern all holdin' a shin-dig I ain't knowin' bout?"
*glances over* Zhere is to be a most important supper to be had. A meeting of zge nobel vomen. I am just checking zhe table setting. It ought to be perfect.
Speaking of vhich...*smelling the familiar odour, tears springing to her eyes as a look of sadness and loss overcomes her* I vould appreciate if zhat substance not permeate zhe Tavern. In fact, I must insisty..no smoking of ~any~ kind here please.
With a slight chuckle, Capri bites down the end of his roll and swallows the burnt bits whole before turning his sight to the smoke above him as he deeply inhales siphoning what he can. Placing the remainder of the roll into the band of his bandana he turns and pulls out a bag of herbs from his chest, removing a collection of sprigs tied together with a strangely enticing but sweet smell and allowing them to sit in an empty bottle upon the counter.
He leans over the counter once finished with his free hand rubbing at the back of his head.

"On one most-smooth hand, I be sorry fer the smog and this 'ere bundle aoughta clear it up in a minute or two, but on the other I be wondering when any of ya'll was gonna be havin' a chat-like situation with this Brotha to let us up and know ya'll was gonna use the Tavern fer a meeting-deal? It be kinda strange to all be using this place all fer things and not be telling the owners ya doing so, don't ya up and think?"
Tank you *gesturing to the bundle*

Zhe owner's are avare zhat I run zhe tavern...*chuckling* you tink I jus valked in end took oover? *hearty laugh*
Taking a moment to stand tall before crossing his arms and expressing a tinge of confusion to Jannika, Capri speaks out again with a motion of a hand as his words flow.

"If the owners be all aware and such that ya'll be doing such things, then why was this owner not all told? In case folk ain't been spilling and such, I up and own half this place. I gots a deserving to be knowin' what all goes down in here. Ain't meaning no harshness but ya figure that be a right thing ta be clearing up and such eh?"
I believe our Goblin friend hired you, yes? Zhat makes you an employee, not zhe owner...no?
you own zhe bar...not zhe tavern...you operate out of her tavern. My business will not interfere viz your brewing
"Fraid not, She all partnered up with this Bro, we be mutual in this tavern. Half and half."

Capri pulls out and take a sip from a decanter from his pocket before continuing.

"So that be making this situation a bit interesting as ain't nobody tellin' this brotha what be going down in -our- Tavern, it be my place too and I be deserving some info don't ya think?"
*Sits on the porch of my cabin. Feet up as I look over to the Tavern hearing voices getting excitable *
Zhis is indeed interesting.
Mutual you say?? Fabulous - Zhen you can be paying for zhe last 6 months of me working here.
If you own half, you can do some vork around here too.

I cook, I serve, I clean...
I am a nobel voman end IO do zhis for love of zhe peoples...
Yet you never gave a thought to mention zhis until ~now~
Zhat is odd, no??
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