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Full Version: Setting up a thing ((Feb 4th 11 am))
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Ash can be seen in the tavern setting up some sort of gathering. She has thrown blankets over the tables that are brightly colored golds and greens with chalices sewn on them. There are bottles set up at each table along with chalices and plates. On a trolley is a large platter of fruits, nuts and meats. When she is finished she wipes her brow and giggles to herself.

MM/NPL Dustin

A hooded Dex wanders into the tavern. He looks around and raises an eyebrow at the preparation,
"G'day miss, what's the occasion?" He asks her, looking at one of the bottles on the table.


*Vianne walks into the tavern getting a drink. She looks around and notices Ash setting up an area what seemed like a gathering. She walks up to Ash.* "Hail Ash, what are you setting up for?"
Callum enters the tavern brushing snow from the fur of his cloak. He stops and looks around when he enters and says "Well this be a wee bit more fancy then the usual."
-Kare comes into the Tavern and shakes off the snow covering him and looks around- "...Very nice...Whats the occasion Ash?"
"Oh hey everyone! And Kare didn't I tell you? It's your not wedding party! Hurray for single Kare!"

Ash pulls out a chair for him and pats the seat.

"Take a seat everyone! I brought food for us to eat and drinks for us!"
Grimnir strolls into the tavern, just as Ash explains the event. Upon hearing the explanation he turns on his heel and walks out the still open door.

MM/NPL Dustin

Dex kicks a seat backwards to leave enough room for him to drop into it. He leans back on the chair and hooks his foot around the leg of the table in front of him to keep himself from falling. He takes the bottle off the table and pours some wine into a chalice for himself.
"....Why would we have a party about me being single again....from what I remember of Einish culter...there is a year of grieving before I could ever find another partner again....Ash your intentions are good...but it would be in bad taste to celebrate something like that......It was a hard choice that I made for both of Luna and I...we both understand but....its still hard on me....Thank you Ash....but....I would just like some warm food and a nice drink"
*Rezz comes walking in the tavern hearing about Ash's party, just as Grimnir walks out. She hears Kare's explanation and comes towards the table*

"Well then it should be a party for parties sake, Ash already put all this effort into it."
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