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To Dream: Perchance, to Die (May 2016)



A High Lord with equally high hopes makes his way to Ralinwood to turn things around for the backwater colony. The burden of the Council’s expectations weigh heavy on his shoulders as the eyes of Duvain fall upon his rule.

However, there is a restlessness spreading over Ralinwood; a great sleeplessness. Is it merely the changing of the seasons or perhaps something more?



Dates: May 20th, 2016 @10pm – May 22nd, 2016 @12pm

The new rules are NOW IN EFFCT at Ralinwood! Please see details regarding the new rules here.

Join our Facebook event and our community for more discussion.

Since this event is the first weekend event, we’re also putting out a gentle reminder to take care of yourselves at game. Take breaks, drink enough water, remember to eat! Tavern will be up and operating and we will stock tons of water and grab and go snacks. Also, remember to bring (and wear) sunscreen, bugspray and extra socks!

Site opens at 6 pm.
Log opens at 8pm.
Game starts at 10 pm.
Town gets wiped by about 2 am.

Prelog WILL OPEN SHORTLY. The link will be included here:
Prelogged: $40
Not prelogged: $45
Season Pass Holders: Must prelog!

Blankets offered: 1
NPC Shift: 1 shift required – you may pay 5 frags to waive an NPC shift. If you do not attend and do not sign in for your shift, then we will assume you waived the shift.

Location: Peacekeeper Park. 3684 Avon Dr, Belmont, ON N0L 1B0
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