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Tides of War (June 2016)


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As the Gods fight and die in the mortal plain, Duvain prepares to go to war in the south and finally take on the brood. Ralinwood is the center of attention and the staging ground for the White Raven Allinace’s imminient march to battle. Blacksmiths and soldiers make their way into the town en masse, making camps wherever there is space.

While the collective forces arm and prepare themselves for the greuling fight ahead, strange people skulk in and out of Ralinwood, alarming farmers, villagers, dock workers, and even battle-hardened soldiers.


Welcome to our second full weekend event!

Site opens: 4 pm.
Log opens: 8pm.
Game starts: 10 pm SHARP (one day…)

Prelog NOW OPEN:


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Prelogged: $40
Not prelogged: $45
Season Pass Holders: Must prelog!

Blankets offered: 1

NPC Shift: 1 shift required – you may pay 5 frags to opt out of an NPC shift. If you do not attend and do not sign in for your shift, then we will assume you opted out of the shift.

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