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Seeking Java
Shaman Java Aquari,

Seek me out immediately.

-Lieutenant Warden Kyrem Fidele
*Scrawled on simple parchment and tacked to the notice with a somewhat rusty nail.*

You won't be findin' my Brotha at this time Kyrem-Bro, he seeks enlightenment beyond this place. If yer business be wit' Crossroads then find me personally, if it be for spirity ju-ju then ya need ta find assistance elsewhere.

-Warchief Capri the Never-Sober
A Tall and Lanky Orc, he wears a collection of strange clothing and colours. He always carries a supply of his brews upon his back and a stein in hand.

He is a Brewer of the Kraja Isles.
Owner of the Brewer's Isle within the Gilded Dragon Tavern.

OOG - Christian Kimmerer
Email -

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