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Wytch Update
Citizens of Ralinwood,
More victims of the wytch have been identified and more information on the wytch has been gathered.
The elderly human wytch is known to give out food gifts, specifically stews that magically put you to sleep upon eating them. These stews are made with human hearts and therefore if there are any missing persons, we ask that you identify them to the wardens immediately.
He has been going around to those who live in and around the forest, tempting them with stew and friendship. 
He also has multiple siblings with similar goals to himself. Small groups of two or three do not seem to scare off the wytch.
Avoid all contact with this man and if spotted, contact the wardens immediately. If you have been a victim of this wytch, also make yourself known to the wardens.
Please spread the word to keep everyone safe, especially to those who can not read this notice.
Stay Safe,
Warden Kodak
You say "siblings with common goals".

What are the goals? I understand that they are feeding people evil stew and offering sinister friendship, but do we know to what end?

× Ketilmundr Halfgrin, Vitki

PS, not that kind of Vitki, I promise.
IG: A young einish man with long braids who wraps himself in dark layers and black leather armour. He seems to have a fondness for gold, both in jewelry and his fake teeth. His left cheek is marred by a deep scar.

OOG: Danny Heintz, he/him.

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