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A Thank You to the People of Ralinwood
To the kind and generous citizens of Ralinwood,

I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude to you. You have opened your doors to me and some of my kin from Suvant. You have allowed us into your home and provided us with an opportunity to start anew. It truly warms my heart at both witnessing and experiencing the magnanimity of the people of Ralinwood. I hope that in the coming months me and the others your communal generosity has benefitted will prove to be both helpful allies and good friends.

As I am sure many are curious: In donations towards those who seek a better life here, a total of over 50 gold has been raised. A large sum of this amount was raised by a Monsieur Abatt’age Fleau, and those who kindly decided to donate by participating in his poker game. I would also like to thank Sir Onno of the Blood Red Rose for allowing us to be part of the fundraiser and for helping us. I would like to extend an invitation to both Monsieur Fleau and Sir Onno to meet with me in the next week or so.

I apologize for the delay in posting my thanks, but I have been busy as of late due to a rather exciting circumstance. With much thanks to the nobility and Lady Aminata Gomorrah, we have been granted a plot of land. The area that formerly housed the manor of Kindhome Estates. This way we have to clear much less land (in consideration of our Ologot’thalan kin here), and have a place of our own relatively close to town.

Looking towards the future, we will likely need some aid with building homes and other tasks. The works of masons and carpenters especially will be valued. If you are such a worker, then please come find me. Additionally, both myself and Asheer will likely be setting up more formal shops soon. We will be posting posts about it in the coming weeks.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Khaldehir Gildmoon

[OOG: If you want to interact with this NPC please do so! Email with "Agustin - Khaldehir" or "Agustin - Refugees" in the subject line.]
Monsieur Gildmoon,

I am willing to meet with you at a time and place of your choosing. Let me know a time, date, and location and I will make my way there or provide an escort and I will make myself available.

Sieur Abatt'age Fleau
Suvantian High Knight
House Lord Fleau of House Fleau of Suvant
Cleric of Dael'rion
Monsieur Gildmoon,

I will be heading to Jericho for a few days and will return Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Should you still wish to meet as requested send someone to bring me to you and I will attend.

Sieur Abatt'age Fleau

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