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Fundraiser Raffle - Weapon Sharpening!
Attention fine folks of Ralinwood!
The Winterbourne Trade Company has joined with the Blood Red Rose to bring you an exciting new raffle, 
to be held at the upcoming fundraiser, on the night of February 22nd, 2262.

It has come to my attention that there are very few people in this land that offer sharpenings, let alone cheap ones. 
And only the wealthy seem to be able to afford them. I would see this luxury spread around a little more, so even the most novice of adventurer may have the chance to hold a luxury of weaponry. 
Kindly review the details below:

Prize: A weapon sharpening provided by Wieland Winterbourne, to any weapon that may hold it. For those with a thumpy weapon, a sharpening of edges and reconfiguring of weight to increase its thumpy-ness.
Ticket price: 2 silver pieces, per ticket.
Special: No individual may purchase more than 10 tickets.

By paying no more than two gold pieces and a little luck, your weapon may be improved by Master Smith Wieland Winterbourne. The more who enter the raffle, the better supplied your good peasants shall be. 
Best of luck!
Wieland Winterbourne
Winterbourne Trade Company

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