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Farmer's Market
Another Notice Is Posted Right Next to the Other Two Notices, all of which are time stamped at 9:oo pm Friday February 14th 2262:

Hello Good People of Ralinwood,

Just one last thing I wanted to let you know while I was here posting notices.

The farmers have organized a small market that they will be holding during the beginning of the evening of February 22nd 2262 until the potluck begins at 9pm. They have worked very hard and have some lovely wares to show you all in support of the fundraiser. Don't fear, I made sure that it was surplus and that none of these generous people will go without. 

I cannot wait to see your generous support of their skills, talents, and ingenuity. The tables are all very impressive!

As well, make sure to support your local Rose members. Without them, I think the farms would be ruins and they worked incredibly hard up to and through this point.

I could not be more proud of them and the efforts so far. We may have a long way to go, but they have never stopped trying their best. 

Looking forward to meeting you all in person either at the festivities or over the next few months!


Sir Onno of the Blood Red Rose

OOG: If you are reading this, you are wonderful.

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