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Drink Making Contest
Another Notice is Posted:

Hello Good People Of Ralinwood,

I decided it would be best if this was placed up as it's own notice, so that people interested in participating can let me know by signing this notice. 

I will be hosting a drink making/mixing contest. 

There will be three judges, who have already been chosen from among the honoured farmers and guests. 

There will be the following categories, each of which will have a prize:

Best Tasting
Best Appearance 
Most Pleasantly Surprising

The cost to enter is three silver for your first entry and 1 silver for your second. There is a maximum of 2 entries per person. 

The rules are simple:
Drinks cannot contain any alchemy aside from a single intoxicant.
Drinks cannot be more alcoholic than a heavy intoxicant. 
Drinks cannot contain anything illegal to consume or obtain. 
Drinks cannot be cursed or magically enhanced.
Drinks must be made in front of the judges, though some small preparations can be done prior.
Drink makers have two minutes to make their drink.
Drink makers are welcome to say things about their drink as they prepare it, but no charming or magic.
Drink makers will not be provided any ingredients or cups - these must be provided by the maker.
Three portions must be made of each drink - four if they are not alcoholic.
A table will be provided for preparations to be performed on.
Drink Makers must sign up in advance to participate in the contest, or else the entrance fee is doubled. 

I look forward to witnessing the spectacle of talent from you clever individuals,

Sir Onno of the Blood Red Rose

OOG: There is a sign up sheet nailed below this notice. Please feel free to sign up here, email or message me. Questions oog can be emailed or messaged to me. 

OOG Rules: 
Drinks cannot contain any actual alcohol
All ingredients must be listed and submitted to myself prior to judging
Electricity will not be provided at the table. 
Please keep it IG as possible while you prep. 
Have fun and be creative!
Please let me know if you have brewmaster levels or related tradesman levels - though it will not change your chances of winning as it is based on actual presentation, it might add some fun flavour to judges reactions! 
To keep things as IG as possible, if something needs a physical description, have it written down on a paper that can be handed to the judges to try to reduce OOG chatter during the contest!
*Written on the note below is...*

"Warchief Capri the Never-Sober will join this. And additionally whoever wins, I will make a donation in their name atop whatever is earned from competitors joining.
Celebration guide you all."
A Tall and Lanky Orc, he wears a collection of strange clothing and colours. He always carries a supply of his brews upon his back and a stein in hand.

He is a Brewer of the Kraja Isles.
Owner of the Brewer's Isle within the Gilded Dragon Tavern.

OOG - Christian Kimmerer
Email -

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