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A Notice is posted with the following information: 

Hello Good People of Ralinwood,

The potluck will be held at 9 bells sharp on the evening of the 22nd of February. An area will be made available for everything to be stored until the commencement and the food is to be left alone - no snacking good adventurers!

I know I will be bringing some food myself! What will you be bringing? Or will you be making a donation? Volunteering some time? Cleaning up afterwards? We would like to strongly encourage that everyone participate in some way.

Which is why anyone who contributes will be given entries to the raffle!

5 tickets per dish donated
2 tickets per donation in silver
1 ticket per donation in other forms
1 ticket for helping to clean up (This will be on the honour system, I will be very disappointed if people fib)
1 ticket for volunteering to help out on the farms

All tickets must be obtained prior to 9:15 when we will do the drawing for some amazing raffle prizes!

Sir Onno of The Blood Red Rose

Please feel free to post in response to this with what you are bringing! 

EVERY dish will require an ingredient list be thoroughly filled out - if there is not a list, you will not be permitted to submit your dish for the potluck or food competitions. I will not be providing paper for your list.

Absolutely no peanuts of any kind.

If you use cork in any of your preparations, you must also include this in your list. 

Cutlery, plates, cups and napkins will be provided. 

On a SOLELY IG level, you are STRONGLY recommended to either bring a dish with a large enough portion to share or to make a donation to the fundraising, or volunteer your time to the farms/cleaning up after the potluck in order to participate in the potluck. If you don't and participate anyways Sir Onno will possibly be disappointed in you IG. If you want to participate OOG but not IG, feel free to give something to NPC camp to contribute on your behalf. NPCs are more than welcome to participate as well!! 

Donations made can be anything - a tagged item, a piece of leftover costuming, anything that suits you. 

Drinks are also a welcome contribution but please try to bring them in a non-infernal vessel if possible.

If you need a plug, please let me know. 

There is a sign up sheet:

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