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Hiring: Costuming and Props Director
Game is big enough now that the time has come: We need someone to manage our growing inventory of weapons, armour and cosutming. We are looking for someone to take on the full-time role of Costuming and Props Director for Ralinwood (for at least this season but there will be a chance to come back). And while your first job will be keeping camp organized during game and managing the inventory, this job also comes with some creative perks! We are also looking to hire someone who is interested in designing and creating costuming, props and set dressing for game as well! This role comes with a small budget for purchasing items required to craft. If you have always wanted to participate but maybe RP or combat aren't for you, if are both creative and organized, and if want to make Ralinwood that much greater-looking and feeling, there is finally a job is for you!

In this job you will be primarily supporting the NPC team. The idea is that you the one who makes sure that their mods go out looking great, keep things organized so they can find things quickly and easily, and keep things neat so no one goes more bananas than they need to. And while this role comes with some creative license (you are being paid to make stuff, and Dan WILL want you to make cool stuff), this role remains primarily a support role. That means that if a shaper does not want your input or wants to do something different with their mod / NPC, the Shaper has final say.

People with sewing, leatherworking, cos-playing, or film and theatre production will likely be more successful (based on their existing experience); we welcome all applicants! Being able to lift / bend / twist is not required, accommodations can be made for anyone who cannot do these things. Being organized is a must though. Right now we are looking for someone who is not already a Season NPC or Shaper to join the team, but if the right team member wants to jump to this role we'd be willing to consider them.

We envision the job will include the following duties:

Between Games:
Designing costuming, props and set dressing items at Shapers' request
Creating (or sourcing / commissioning) special props, costuming and set pieces at Owner's request
Keeping an inventory of costuming, props and equipment (the idea being if Shapers need something someone knows if we already have it and where it is)
Sourcing and commissioning / purchasing / creating costuming and props between games (purchasing will be subject to Ivanna's approval)
Maintaining costuming, props, equipment (especially armour)
Laundry, repairs and mending as required

At Event:
Set up town set dressing (lanterns, sign posts, notice board, skein gate)
Keeping NPC camp and the shed neat and organized during game
Cleaning up NPC camp and the Sanctuary as needed
Maintaining costuming, props, equipment (especially armour)
Laundry, repairs and mending as required
Going to town if we need something and getting that thing (sometimes, probably mostly for tavern if Ivanna cannot go)
Occasionally going out on NPC roles (if you like - recurring characters only!)

If you are interested please apply using this form:

Applications Close February 16th. The successful candidate will be announced in late February. 

Questions can be directed to Ivanna via Facebook messenger. I am giving up on my emails except for record-keeping purposes pls just PM me.
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