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Seeking Brunhilde's Stories and Nira's Sword
I am looking to purchase the books left behind from Brunhilde's story monsters. If you have one please seek me out so we can discuss things further.

On a separate note I am looking for whoever ended up with Nira's sword after the Saturday night fight against Dexter and his demons. If you found the sword and return it to her we are able to offer something of a reward, and will not pursue the issue further. The blade in question is a mastercrafted silver sword. It is on the shorter side, with a curved blade and a brown and gold handle. If you have it and return it to it's owner (or myself, acting as a neutral third party) we would be most appreciative and see you compensated. I am hoping this can be resolved quickly and peacefully between all involved parties.

Dr. Moran
Ori Moran: A purple feathered Avian with a red hat who carries a black and white shield. She has three Shadow Marks over one eye and a scar through the other.

Nelinha: Some asshole Ice Elf. Has a bright red hooded scarf and a black winged brooch.

OOG: Alex Heintz - NPL - Official Ralinmeme Maker
To Doctor Moran

Hey, its Java.

I have some of the stories, but I also am wishing to acquire these stories.
I'd like to work together to be able to get us what we want.
You know where to find me, not hard to find.

Penned by;

High Shaman Java Aquari of the Brewlord Clan
a 6' tall Orc, lots of bones around his person. wears patchwork leather robe with studded leather armor. Speaks in a Bahamian/Jamaican accent much like a Kraja. 

oog - Shane Miller
email -

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