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RP Awards 'Hell Hath Fury' - September 2019
All Hallows' is fast approaching–but let's take a moment before all the bloodshed, death, and devastation to really appreciate the incredible RP ya'll brought to last event. Even if you don't see your name on the list below, pat yourself on the back. You're awesome. Never forget that. Not even when the undead start playing skip rope with your intestines while all your friends run away into the forest and leave you for dead (... or... is that just me?).

Congratulations everyone! Here are your Hell Hath Fury RP Awards!

PC Awards:
April Haze/Hand x5
Erika Gervais/Sveela x5
Josh Roth/Shamus x5
Kaitlyn Howie/Fizzgig x5
Will Apostolos/Johan x5

Kendra Tiller/Auriel x4
Digger Sousa/Gorda x4
Matt Vanderham/Willis x4
Erik Koudys/Konradin x4
Ryan Gallant/Kerion x4

Adam Petkovic/Blank x3
Curtis Foran/Ruufos x3
Brad Stevens/Gustav x3
James Semple/Bastus x3
Fenris Whelan/Geb x3

James Samuel/Alistair x2
Joel Withrow/Ava x2
Kieran Lawless-Johnston/Ektis x2
Will Barber/Malik x2

NPC RP Awards:
Aaron Dorman x5
Alex Heintz x5
Kyle Thornton x5
Ralinwood Shaper 2019
OOG: Rachel Mortaley

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