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Buying Scroll and Alchemy Materials
Dear Ralinwood,

I am looking to procure scroll making material over the next few weeks.

I will pay the standard price of approximately 3 silver per pound or ounce of lesser material, things such as tattered books, rusted ink, etc.
For premium material, such as glowing ink, refined sands for drying ink, fine vellum, blank paper, et cetera, I shall pay the price of 1 silver to one ounce, sheet, or pound.

In a similar vein, I shall be buying alchemical components. However I shall be purchasing all materials at the cost of 1 silver to one ounce, pound, etc. Additionally should you find yourself in possession of special alchemical components required for making more complex alchemy, I shall be purchasing them at the cost of 1 gold to 5 gold depending on which ones. However I am not buying remedy gas globe components.

Should you find yourself desiring trade that I have listed, you can find me in town. I would prefer trades be done sooner so that I may actually make use of the material.
OOG: Agustin Brown-Arroyo
IG description: Male Ologot'Thalan, garbed in red and brown clothes underneath studded leather adorned with leaves.

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