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Gods Speed to You, Courageous Patriot
Citizens of Ralinwood;

During these dangerous times its important we recognize moments of heroism and extraordinary deeds that exemplifies our community in which we serve together. We are happy to announce that while we were out late Saturday night into the extended hours of Sunday morning searching for the demonic anchors plaguing this town, an individual or party of individuals took the opportunity of our absence to make off with our banner from the very side of our cabin. It’s this kind of initiative that we find ourselves fighting for every day, and we want to take the moment to tip our hoods to such a crafty and enterprising person or persons, keeping what is truly important in this town close to their heart – their freedom to do so. We commend you, and you certainly have our attention. While everyone else was searching with urgency every inch of Ralinwood’s boarders for hours, you were out taking a pound of what you deemed yours from your neighbors. You are an inspiration - So much so, that we have commissioned not only a replacement, but another one entirely. It’s important to reward initiative, so next month you’ll have two banners you can slink off in the night with. Big ones. We hope the one you took is keeping you warm; Blanket, mulch or ash, it makes no difference to us. We’re thrilled to know our efforts here remain recognized and rewarded by thoughtful people like yourself who wouldn’t dare allow themselves to be recognized in kind. Truly and act of selflessness. Don’t worry about returning it or if you’ve damaged it. You’ve unwittingly done us a favor. Duvainian silks are much nicer material than Berphantian offerings. A new home deserves a new banner, and we very much like it here. You can rest easy knowing that whether you like us or not, we’ll be out there making sure you remain un-oppressed in your ignorant hate for every morally bankrupt member of our church and faith – and believe us we get ourselves into all kinds of filthy business. Be sure to oppose us as it’s your Duvainian given right and by the gods we’ll be out there prepared to offer death to anyone who would take it from you and your lot. And, if others see as we see such matters and stand with us against those who would oppress your right to choose your own path, your own faith, and your own way of life, I’m happy to supply our banner to everyone in this town should they choose it for themselves. Keep expressing yourself, because I assure you, we will continue to do so as well. Be sure to introduce yourself next time you are skulking about. I’m sure we won’t be home. Unfortunately, we’ll likely be out with the rest of your friends here in Ralinwood making sure you’ve still got neighbors to feed upon. You truly are the light beneath the feet of the innocent. Gods speed to you, courageous patriot; an inspiration never to be known or remembered.

Blessings of Autumn to you all and in its darkness may we all find our purpose, together, side by side.

Setth Winter
Darkweaver of Malagant
Appears Human, cloaked in black.

OOG: Scott H
Seth, I will personally look into this myself. I was informed of how hard you and your church members worked in my absence. My officers and deputies will keep an eye out.
-Jacob Kraye
Good, Bad  either way im the guy with the Gasglobe. .

Wildelf (Baby) male, seen dressed in leathers and Green and black attire. Im fancier than you.
House of I


That won't be necessary Kraye. If it's returned, I'd have three banners. No living person should have three banners. It's in our tenants.

Thank you for your consideration on the matter.

Appears Human, cloaked in black.

OOG: Scott H

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