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Event Review - Hell Hath Fury (September 2019 Weekend)
Good game everyone. Lots of things happened this weekend, which we hope you got to enjoy, and congrats on solving many problems with the demons and the gate! Thank you our to NPC team for their tireless hard work.

And without further ado... Tell us your thoughts! What did you like, what needs improvements, what are your favourite memories? Let us know! If the feedback is positive enough, we'll see about running this kind of event again in the nearer future.

Any concerns or major complaints, please feel free to email to speak to the Owners (myself and Dan) directly.
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First post!

I had a fantastic time this weekend. At key times, I felt more immersed in the action and more genuinely in my role than I have felt in ages. (Not to say that I have felt that the immersion was lacking of late, only that I'm at a place in my life right now where it is a challenge for me, especially when I jump in for only a few hours at a time.) I experienced real delight and real rage. Thank you to the PCs and NPCs who made those feelings happen!

I loved the goblin D&D, and I felt that it was well executed to make it feel non-disruptive.
I saw lots of great PC/NPC interaction.
Great PC props! I love how personalized and realistic many of the lanterns, wall hangings, etc are, and how much flavour they lend.
The camp that had the fire (LF, maybe?), good on you! Way to bring people over to socialize.
So many Aja!  Heart

More OOG talk than usual. I totally encourage and endorse the hand-on-head system for rules clarification and asking for descriptions but by Saturday night I was starting to feel as if people were using it more like a free pass to make an oog joke, share a personal life detail, or tell a story about a different character. Once one person does it, the whole group goes downhill. And nobody enjoys being the asshole that calls for a cease and desist. Please please please save those things for later.
A few times comments were made between NPCs and shapers outside of NPC camp which felt like they might give details away to the players.
This game is probably my favourite game thus far. I definitely felt more connected to my character and to the npcs that roamed around. I felt a much better immersion. The big bads were lovely, I have never encountered Mother, my close encounter was interesting, as was the Morteguiest. A+ for the majority of the weekend.

My constructive feedback
1. There are monsters that are known IG to be very very valuable for their components, being essential to the creation of magical auras on weapons (magic eaters). To have these creatures be sent out without this considerstion was problematic. The high risk reward of the Arcane dispel for a valuable drop was therefore lacking. This was a little frustrating.

2. There were some downtimes during the day that seemed very slow. More crunchies would be great Big Grin.
Victory Before Pride

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This was my first game bringing in my new PC and damn was it a good one.
The fights were tough but never made me feel useless, until I ran out of spells.
Spending time with both Forgemane and Dragon Forge was amazing.
There were a few mods that I got to be involved in that my character had a personal interest in so that was so cool to do.
The whole panic on Friday and into Saturday about losing my book was so good to RP into and a shout out to the Malagant guys who got it back to me and everyone else who helped me get re equiped after I got all my stuff stolen(literally only had a Catalyst and my Spellboom).
Thank you Jade for the awesome plit stuff you ran for me on Sunday, the build up to that with the letter was perfect.
All in all, probably one of, if not the, best events I've been able to attend so far.
~Cassian Yor
My only critique being that there isn't much for players 5 and under. Most of the things coming out had silver or magic thresholds and most players that are new don't have access to either of those things. Keeping the new players feeling useful is huge, and having them coming back/having fun is good business. There's nothing worse than feeling useless. More yellow armband creatures would be appreciated. Now I know the LFs are working on new player stuff but if you're not apart of that group you kind of miss out. Just one thing to keep in mind.

Again, great event you guys are awesome
The event was fun, I had a good time like usual and was worth my travel like it has been all season, however, some aspects that were always an issue but never been a real problem have spiralled downhill this event.
1- Loot; most of the enemies we encountered were hard, and that's fine, but it's not fine to loot difficult enemies poorly. As someone who is currently on the shaper side in another guild, it's just plane and simple not okay to loot a greater demon with tags of 1 rm or a single silver coin. And it happened repeatedly all event. I understand that if the event will be demons all the time that if we give a catalyst or a gold every drop it might flood the economy, but high value rm like 8-10 is still okay, or even put out lesser demons out on mods for lesser loot. (Same goes with the shattered elf loot)
After looting 8 greater demons that are supposed to drop around 1g a pop, i had 18 alchemy rm, soo that definitely can be improved upon. I find the loot guidelines in the monster manual has never really been followed throughout the season, but was never as extreme as this game.

Skilldump; a lot of npcs did skill dumping, aka, walk in, dump 3 of their greatest abilities on the first pc to oppose them, and keep fighting, die, rinse and repeat. Like my dude, there is no fun in spell striking death a guy twice in a row and then his friend next to him, it's just not challenging, (especially if the loot is 1 silver coin) so just what on your behavior when out on npc roles, you aren't there to monsterbate, you are there to deliver an experience to the pcs, and it can be fun for both npcs and pc, but not when you skill dump people with deaths and shatter skulls.
Short Review Cause I Was Out for Like 5 Hours Total as my PC:

• Yoshi is a great little spook, 10/10 RP. Event highlight was cigars and gelato and whispers of imminent tragedy.
• Was nice to see NPC camp send out a person for the wedding (Auriel's mother I believe?) but otherwise let PCs do their own thing for the most part.
• "There's a fire at the docks." "I guess that sucks-" "MY SHIP." *Amren exits stage right, screaming.*
• I'm a big fan of dominate being used in big group fights because there is nothing more hilarious than the resident healer/Cassandra Paladin suddenly breaking rank to try and murder everybody she lives with while town panics and tries to restrain her.
• Big thank you to Ange for being real supportive when people were being dumb.

Not Good:
• Gabe summarized my issues really well. I got my ass handed to me by a gang of balrogs dumping every death they had into me and then my reward from the one thing I manged to loot in that fight was a 1 silver item tag.
• Newer players should probably not be uber powerful demons. There were a lot of incorrectly thrown waves of pain being tossed around. I'm not saying don't give them cool roles, but I had to stop and tell demons how their abilities functioned a lot and when you're looking at a long and scary statline you want that in the hands of somebody who knows what every skill does. This will likely not be as much as an issue come Hallows when the team for the weekend is hand picked but it's a good thing to keep in mind in general.
• More new player content plz.

Good game. I return to my regularly scheduled "Dying of LARP Plague".
Ori Moran: A purple feathered Avian with a red hat who carries a black and white shield. She has three Shadow Marks over one eye and a scar through the other.

Nelinha: Some asshole Ice Elf. Has a bright red hooded scarf and a black winged brooch.

OOG: Alex Heintz - NPL - Official Ralinmeme Maker
This was one of my favourite games of the year, if not my favourite. Lots of really fun shit to do. Shout outs to Jenn, Rob, and Edward for their stuff that I got to do. It was very cool. Also, Jeff's reveal was the funniest shit ever. Also really enjoyed the cabin I was staying with. Y'all are lovely. I really enjoyed Dan's Mortigeist. I found it the right level of scary/deadly but not pointless deathdeathdeath. I hid in the woods in the rain alone, without my coat, for an hour. I got up because I figured he must be gone by now, and immediately turned around to see Dan five feet away. It was terrifying, and super fun.

"The toilets didn't work" is the only criticism I can remember, but that's not really something you guys have control of. Re the loot issue - by contrast, I found some things that seemed rather over-looted. Maybe more consultation of the monster manual loot guidelines would be helpful.
I finally got to play a full weekend event in my (almost) complete outfit! I also learned though that I still have to make some tweaks to it to make it work with my glasses. Speaking of, thank you to the shapers and martials for letting me wear my mask on my head to compensate for this issue.

It was great being woken from my almost sleep by Morty (Dave) coming into New Player cabin and only asking 'Sense elf?' and me being like 'Nope. Savar.' and then rolling over and going back to sleep. Great first night interaction.

I got some great rp between myself and most of the brew lords; Mother showing up and dropping 8 inflicted on the camp was GREAT because I got to play my racial weakness! Much thanks to the brew lords for letting me chill with you guys that weekend. Hopefully next weekend event I attend, I'll be able to camp outside with y'all.

The entire reason I got up and came to the camp that night was because of the screaming, so if I hadn't been woken up, I would have missed out on great rp!

I got approved for my archery!

The cabin beds were a little uncomfortable, but that's not anyone's fault; I have bad hips sometimes, so the wire frame did very little for support. I just wish I'd moved the mats onto the floor, I think I would have had better sleep.
This one is more of a mental note for myself if I sleep in the cabins in the future.

People running in between my shots; I THINK I hit 2 NPCs in the shoulders that weekend because of people running in front of my shots. While I know that I have to be aware of other people, it was a bit irritating trying to get a shot off when NO ONE is in front of me and I have a clear view, and then suddenly having 2 players run up into my shots. I don't want to get in trouble because of other people not paying attention to where the archers are firing.

Looking forward to Highwinter being my next game!

If anyone ever needs help prepping meals, I'm willing to help in the kitchen, even on Sundays. I heard you guys have issues making sure food gets out fast on Sundays. I used to do morning prep for a bakery, so I don't mind waking up and prepping batter or starting up coffee for y'all.

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