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Black Cloaks at Sunset (TS 8/15/2261, 8PM)
*The Skien Gate Erupts*

Moving through the Gate and into the summer air, several figures in black cloaks and dark attire stride forth. The group turns inward and discusses among themselves for a time before moving toward town.

Setth walks beside a High Elf woman wearing a crown of bone in stride motioning with his hands discreetly and nodding to the Elf as she replies.
Appears Human, cloaked in black.

OOG: Scott H
The tallest figure strides out trailing only slightly behind the front of the group. As he moves past the gate and into town he dramatically throws back his hood revealing long dark pointed ears, ebony skin, and contrasting bright yellow veins. A cocky grin is spread across his face and he seems to be laughing about something he is saying to the rest of the group.
A tall, dark, and handsome Carnal Fae wearing a fancy dark coat and other fancy attire. Two swords rest upon his back.

OOG: Matthew Ladouceur
A man wearing a red coat approaches the group of dark clad figures. He gestures slightly, before stopping about 10 feet from the marching people. 

"Greetings my friends." He straightens up, placing his fingers through his belt loops.
Wanderer in grey, black and brown armor, a multitude of small weapons can be seen across his body 

OOG: Oliver Luther
Turning from his conversation, Setth moves forward to the man

"Do I know you?"

*Looks back to the group before turning back to the man infront of him*
Appears Human, cloaked in black.

OOG: Scott H

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